Beautifully-Carved Igbo Helmet Mask on Custom Mount


Type of ObjectMask and Mount
Country of OriginNigeria
MaterialsWood and Pigment
Approximate AgeUnknown
Height (Inches)19”
Width (Inches)8”
Depth (Inches)12.5”
Weight (Pounds)6lbs
Overall ConditionGood—perhaps restored?

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Product Description

About the Igbo People

                “The 8,000,000 Igbo people – who live primarily from farming – settled in the northern part of the Niger River Delta, in an area of forests and swamps. Village councils composed of the eldest people from each family govern the tribe. Their power is counterbalanced by secret societies.

Igbo masks are numerous and are used for initiation ceremonies and entertainment. They all display a typical central crest and an elongated face.”


Baquart, Jean-Baptiste. The Tribal Arts of Africa. New York: Thames and Hudson Inc. 1998. Print.

Dave Dahl—CEO Discover African Art



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ID# 1000397