Discover African Art—An Immersive Tribal Art Experience Since 2015

Discover African Art is a tribal art showroom located in Clackamas, OR selling one-of-a-kind African masks, figures and textiles. Founded in 2015 by Dave Dahl, avid tribal art collector and successful entrepreneur, Discover African Art was created to share Dave’s personal experience with the beauty of tribal artistry with the public.
With over 10,000 sq. ft. of hand-picked tribal oddities, Discover African Art is a fun, curated experience for any collector, dabbler, interior designer or anyone interested in African art. Whether it’s an indigo-dyed, hand-woven textile from the Baule tribe, or a bronze wax-casted Leopard from Nigeria, or an authentic tribal Igbo Ikpobe mask, each eccentric piece has a story to tell and a future home to adorn.

Discover African Art is open to the public, provides showroom tours, hosts events and offers private showings in the “Boom Room,” where we proudly display a bizarre and wondrous collection of our oldest and most valuable pieces. We invite you to come check out one of the largest tribal art collections in the Pacific Northwest and discover a gorgeous piece of African art for yourself.

About Dave

Dave Dahl is an entrepreneur, artist, musician and ex-felon. He is known as the co-founder and face of the wildly successful bread company, Dave’s Killer Bread. Having gone through years of struggling with incarceration and drug addiction, Dave created a life for himself through his bread business, establishing a community that embraces second chances for ex-felons and gives back to those in need. After 12 years of building his successful business, he sold it in 2015.

Although much was to gain from selling the business, Dave felt a huge creative void after letting his company go. Having experienced a widely-publicized bipolar episode, Dave took it as a wake-up call and knew he needed to reset his life. Soon after, he found an African mask at a garage sale and having always had a fascination with faces, he felt an immediate connection with how bizarre and beautiful the tribal face was. He knew he had discovered something special that would change his life for the better.

His passion quickly grew and so did the size of his tribal art collection, eventually filling his home wall to wall and later several warehouses full. The process of decorating his home and displaying different pieces in various configurations was creatively therapeutic for him. It was out of his feelings of passion and loss that Discover African Art was born.

Dave envisions Discover African Art not only as a way to share the fun of tribal art with others, but as an opportunity to create a “title wave of good,” i.e., an artistic vehicle for making a difference in the community one tribal mask at a time. Dave still hires ex-felons, is involved with helping at-risk youth and continues to do speaking engagements, telling his story of how to overcome personal adversities and use one’s strengths to live a good, honest life.

For more on Dave Dahl’s unique story, visit Dave’s website

About the Team

We are truly a family here at Discover African Art and are committed to doing things in a way in which we are proud of. We ensure our customers receive impeccable service and have a fun, quality experience exploring the wonder of tribal art with us.


Dylan is an ex-felon blazing a new trail for himself. He is our shop guy who does a lot of the building and repairs. He and his father, Daniel, have created hundreds of high-quality mounts that we offer for most of our African figures and masks.


Daniel has been working for Dave and Discover African Art since the beginning stages. He is also Dylan’s father. He does most of the building and mount making with his son. Whatever our team needs, Daniel and Dylan can make it! Daniel has become especially skilled in his art repair and restoration craft.


Jes is Discover African Art’s Administrative Assistant and Dave’s daughter. She works closely with Krista, our Operations Manager, and handles a lot of the photographing, shipping and marketing. She is very knowledgeable in identifying what tribes are associated with our pieces. Jes was a Dave’s Killer Bread employee back in the day.


Krista is our Operations Manager and the marketing workhorse of our team. She oversees many aspects of our business such as shipping, inventory and warehouse mapping and is becoming very knowledgeable in African art. She makes sure our customers are happy and that our business is running smoothly. Krista was also a Dave’s Killer Bread employee.


Kim is our go-to painting expert for projects around the warehouse. She is Daniel’s sister and Dylan’s aunt. You can view some of her amazing work displayed in the store front on the massive African map wall.


Ladd is also an ex-felon and Dave’s right-hand man, assisting him with many of his day to day tasks. He wears many hats including, but not limited to, mount making, repairs and inventory. Ladd has been working for Dave since the early DKB days.


Val is another member of the Discover African Art team who takes part in many roles. She has spent much time photographing, inventorying, and shipping. She is Jessica’s sister and Tony’s mom and also used to be an employee at Dave’s Killer Bread.


Tony is the newest member of our crew and a wonderful asset to our intake and inventory system. His mother is Val, who is Jessica’s sister.