Dave’s Faves

Discover African Art all started with Dave Dahl’s passion for the eccentricity and beauty of African tribal art. He began collecting in 2015 and soon had enough authentic art to fill 3 warehouses! He’s a fan, to say the least. In his many dealings with African art dealers, he has acquired some very rare, museum quality pieces that are exclusively part of his own private collection.

Most of these pieces have symmetrical facial features (Dave’s favorite pieces have symmetry) with unique and intricate designs. They hail all the way from Nigeria, to the Ivory Coast to the République démocratique du Congo. He will be sharing more information about each of these pieces and will continue to add more African artifacts to this page as his adventures in collecting continue. Check back for more information and to follow along his journey!

You can view some these beauties in person at our warehouse in our “Boom Room.” We love showing off our vintage collection to people, call us and make an appointment!