Reverse Auction Liquidation Strategy

As we liquidate our massive inventory (over 20,000 pieces) we are trying different strategies when it comes to pricing. In keeping with this, we are trying a “reverse-auction” format for newly released items. This means that we will introduce new pieces at a price we feel is fair and if the item does not sell, we will reduce it by 10% and continue to gradually reduce the item by 10% weekly until the piece is sold. This does not include the already-listed discounted items featured on our website. We feel that this method will reveal the actual value of the piece.

For example, a piece has just been introduced on the website for $350. If it does not sell within a week, it will be reduced to $315. If the piece hits 50% off and does not sell, it will then go to auction.

Week 1 – $350
Week 2 – $315 (10% Off)
Week 3 – $280 (20% Off)
Week 4 – $245 (30% Off)
Week 5 – $210 (40% Off)
Week 6 – $175 (50% Off)


Discover African Art thanks you for being a loyal customer to us! We appreciate your business and will continue to provide you with excellent customer service throughout our liquidation effort.