Bamun Statue
Bamun Statue
Bamun Statue
Bamun Statue
Bamun Statue
Bamun Statue
Bamun Statue
Bamun Statue
Bamun Statue
Bamun Statue
Bamun Statue
Bamun Statue

African Bamun Wooden Statue 26″ – Cameroon

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This African Bamun wooden statue from Cameroon is a beautiful piece to add to your collection. The statue is 26 inches in height and and weighs 10 pounds. He is holding a horn and water jug covered in a thin sheet of metal.

About the Bumun People

The Bamun people reside in the high western grasslands of Cameroon. The king, also known as Fon, rules the land. A king acquires his position from patrilineal lineage and is aided by his queen mother (na).  Bamun men and women cultivate the land equally therefore, they share the responsibility. They grow crops such as maize, millet, cassava, and sweet potatoes. The Bamun are known for their craftsmanship, with men doing embroidery work, leatherwork, and wood carving, metalwork, and blacksmithing. Similarly, the women create beautiful pottery for utilitarian purposes as well as decorative and trade.

Masks among the Bamun are indicators of privilege and prestige. For that reason, owners will display masks to announce their social status. A regulatory society by the name of Kwifoyn, regulates the right to license the replication of masks. They do this by way of membership fees. The use of beads, cowrie shells, or brass moves a mask up the social ladder due to the costly and illustrious materials. Masks are often guarded and only brought out to honor notable individuals. They may also be brought out during the annual celebration known as “Nja”, the Fon’s dance.


Type of Object

Figure, statue

Country of Origin



Bamun (Bamum)


Nails, Pigment, Sheet Metal, Wood

Approximate Age


Height (Inches)


Width (Inches)


Depth (Inches)


Weight (Pounds)


Overall Condition

Good condition with minor imperfections and normal wear and tear.

Tribe Information

About the Bamun (Bamum) People

“The grassland region, in south-west Cameroon, is a hilly and mountainous area covered by an equatorial forest in the south and a savannah in the north. Politically, the area is divided into numerous small independent kingdoms and chiefdoms, whose powers are counterbalanced by male and female societies. Since it’s colonization by the Germans in 1884, this entire region, in particular the Bamileke, Bamun and Tikar territories, has attracted the attention of Western scholars because of its artistic heritage.”

“The sultanate of Bamun is ruled by a single, sacred king, known as the Fon, who resides in the capital Fumban. He is assisted by three officials and seven hereditary councilors to rule the 80,000 people.”

“Statues representing ancestors are found all over the Bamun and Bamileke areas. They can be life size and can be incorporated into the backrest of an elaborate throne. These figures representing the king’s wives and his attendants are usually stored in a secret part of the palace and are displayed when a foreign dignitary visits or during important ceremonies headed by the king.”

Baquart, Jean-Baptiste. The Tribal Arts of Africa. New York: Thames and Hudson Inc. 1998. Print.


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