Ambete Figure / Statue 48″ with base – DRC

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Type of Object

Figure with base.

Country of Origin

DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo – formerly Zaire)




Wood, Pigment, Vegetable Fiber Rope

Approximate Age



47" Figure, 48" w/ Base


6.5" Figure, 9.5" Base


6" Figure, 9.5" Base



Overall Condition

Possible minor imperfections and wear & tear, including but not limited to scuffing, cracking and minimal chipping. Possible previous repairs. See photos or inquire for more details.

Tribe Information

About the Ambete People

“The Ambete live on the frontier with Gabon and the Republic of Congo, and are related to the Kota population. They carved three types of sculpture: heads, busts and full figures with a hollowed back. The latter have short legs, an elongated columnar torso and a flattened face with a triangular chin, an open mouth showing teeth and a triangular nose, all resting under a ridged coiffure. They are thought to have a connection with the ancestor’s cult – they were either used as reliquaries or placed alongside ancestor bones in a basket.
Heads and busts were probably positioned on poles and placed in front of the chief’s house. They may have had an apotropaic or emblematic purpose.”

Baquart, Jean-Baptiste. The Tribal Arts of Africa. New York: Thames and Hudson Inc. 1998. Print.


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