Baga Figural African Maternity Drum 53.5″ with Base – Guinea

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Type of Object

Figural Drum

Country of Origin





Wood, pigment, leather

Approximate Age



51.5" without Base | 53.5" with Base


15.5" without Base | 18" with Base


18" with Base



Overall Condition

Cracks throughout and holes in the leather drum top

Tribe Information

Tribe Information

About the Baga People

The Baga people live amid the southern swampy lands of the Guinea Atlantic coastline. According to oral tradition, they originally lived along the interior highlands but were driven westward by their neighbors. The name ‘Baga’ is believed to have come from the phrase ‘bae raka’, meaning “people of the seaside”.
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Additional Information

About the Baga Caryatid Drum

Drums of this sort are referred to a ‘a-ndef’. Although they are carved by men, they are owned, used and designed by baga women of an important society known as A-Tekan. Women will play thse drums at ceremonies, funerals and their week-long initiations to inform the supernatural and ordinary worlds of their power and presence. The core criteria to enter in these societies is motherhood, a woman’s main objective in life. Her kneeling position represents and act of devotion while the large drum on her head is likely inspired by real practices of Baga women who carry large vessels on their heads often.