Bamun Mask with Stand 13.5″ – Cameroon – African Tribal Art

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This mask was created in the style of the Bamun people of Cameroon. The helmet mask has interesting carved designs throughout the coiffure and face. It measures 12.5 inches tall and 13.5 inches on its stand and weighs 3 pounds. There is some imperfections including cracking, scrapes and scuffs – please inspect photos.


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Type of Object


Country of Origin





Wood and pigment

Approximate Age



12.5" mask | 13.5" on stand






2 lb mask | 3 lbs with stand

Overall Condition

Some cracking, scrapes and wear and tear – see photos

Tribe Information

About the Bamun (Bamum) People

“The grassland region, in south-west Cameroon, is a hilly and mountainous area covered by an equatorial forest in the south and a savannah in the north. Politically, the area is divided into numerous small independent kingdoms and chiefdoms, whose powers are counterbalanced by male and female societies. Since it’s colonization by the Germans in 1884, this entire region, in particular the Bamileke, Bamun and Tikar territories, has attracted the attention of Western scholars because of its artistic heritage.”

“The sultanate of Bamun is ruled by a single, sacred king, known as the Fon, who resides in the capital Fumban. He is assisted by three officials and seven hereditary councilors to rule the 80,000 people.”

“Statues representing ancestors are found all over the Bamun and Bamileke areas. They can be life size and can be incorporated into the backrest of an elaborate throne. These figures representing the king’s wives and his attendants are usually stored in a secret part of the palace and are displayed when a foreign dignitary visits or during important ceremonies headed by the king.”

Baquart, Jean-Baptiste. The Tribal Arts of Africa. New York: Thames and Hudson Inc. 1998. Print.


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