Chokwe Pwo Mask on Custom Mount 12″ – DR Congo/Angola


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Face Mask

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Overall Condition

Some scuffs, chips and scratches

Tribe Information

About the Chokwe People

“The Chokwe (Cokwe, Tschokwe) form a major ethnic group within the context of the great ethnic groups of Central Africa, and the area that they occupy within the territories of Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia corresponds to an extensive cultural region. Even where they constitute minority groups, their cultural influence is obvious in the areas through which they have radiated, namely in the vast regions of Central and Southern Angola.

Historically, the Chokwe correspond to an important fraction of the Lunda Empire that migrated south and became settled in the Musumba range (eastern Angola), where they mixed with the local population. From there emerged a new people, valuing the matrilineal principle (adopted from the local population) over the patrilineal tradition of the Lunda from which they separated, with great dynamic expansion, first to the north, growing due to the conquest of the territory of the Lunda with whom they mixed, marrying Chokwe men with Lunda women, and later to the south and the east, mixing with various ethnic groups, namely the Lwene, Lucazi, Ovimbundu and Ngangela, and leaving strong evidence of their presence. To give a very succinct idea of the great cultural values of this ethnic group, with regard to factors structuring their social life, and, consequently their artistic manifestations, we highlight merely three aspects of note: prestige activities, supernatural agents, and the relationship between ancestors and the living.”

Additional Information

About the Pwo Mask

“The Pwo mask, with their typical forehead, cheek and chin scarifications, symbolizes the ideal mother and woman. It is believed to spread fertility wherever it is worn.”