Chokwe Pwo Mask on Custom Mount 17″ with Stand – DR Congo/Angola



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Type of Object

Face Mask

Country of Origin


Approximate Age



10" (mask) 16" (w/netting) 17" (w/stand)






1.5lbs (Mask) 2.5lbs (w/stand)

Overall Condition

Some scuffs, chips and scratches, crack on the bottom of the chin.

Tribe Information

Additional Information

Pwo Mask

Tribe Information

About the Chokwe People

The Chokwe, with an estimated population of 1.3 million people, inhabit areas in Angola, DRC and Zambia. They are known by many names throughout the world, upwards of 30 different variations, all deriving from the name in which they call themselves, Kocokwe. Chokwe government is headed by a king called Mwana Ngana, with male and female societies regulating all aspects of life.

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Additional Information

About the Pwo Mask

Pwo masks are representations of female ancestors who are worthy of honoring. She is danced in tandem with Cihongo, her male counterpart during initiation ceremonies and other prestigious events. Together, they embody the ideal beauty and are meant to bring fertility and prosperity to the community. Pwo illustrates the glory and saddness a mother feels when her son completes the initiation process into adulthood, shown by the scarification marks on her cheeks.