Dan Long-Faced African Mask with Custom Stand 29″ – Ivory Coast

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Type of Object


Country of Origin

Ivory Coast




Cowrie Shells, Fabric, Feathers, Pigment, Wood

Approximate Age


Height (Inches)

28" (Mask) 29" (w/stand)

Width (Inches)


Depth (Inches)


Weight (Pounds)

4.5lbs (Mask) 6lbs (w/stand)

Overall Condition



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Tribe Information

About the Dan People

The Dan are known for their superb woodwork. Masks are the single most paramount form of artwork created by the Dan, creating a bridge between the supernatural and physical worlds.
Read more about the Dan here.

Additional Information

About Dan Mahgle “Bird”Masks

These masks have elongated compositions and a feminine elegant demeanor that incorporate some characteristics from the poro society. They appear at festive gatherings as cheerful companions to women as their main function is to entertain and inform using song and dance.

Dan Masks

“Dan masks are characterized by a concave face, a pointed chin, a protruding mouth, an upturned nose, a high-domed forehead, and are often covered in a rich brown patina. Similar masks are found throughout the country, but regional stylistic variations occur. For example, northern face masks tend to have very fine features, a high-domed smooth forehead, eyes set in the middle of the face and a very smooth brown patina obtained by immersing the masks in a pool of mud. Southern masks, on the other hand, have protruding features and a rougher patina obtained by applying vegetal pigments.”