Dogon Female African Statue from Mali – 28.5″


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A great example of a hand carved Dogon female African Statue from Mali. Dogon people are known for their geometric style of the human body. This piece has exaggerated features shown in the face, breasts and stomach. She is alert, but sitting, and has beautiful beaded embellishments around her waist and neck. The exterior finish is slightly patchy and rough and gives her character.

Type of Object

Figure, statue

Country of Origin





Wood, Pigment, Beads

Approximate Age










Overall Condition

Cracks on the left side of the head.


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Tribe Information

About the Dogon People

The Dogon have become popularized for their ancient tales on human origins and extraterrestrial contact. According to legend, a race of beings called Nommo, came from the star system Sirius, thousands of years ago. The beings are said to have come to Earth and provided humans with knowledge.  They gave the Dogon information about their solar system as well as our own. These same creatures also appear in Babylonian and Sumerian myths.

Oddly, the Dogon did have knowledge for centuries that were, until Galileo and his telescope, unknown to the Western world. They identified Jupiter’s moons and Saturn’s rings and knew that the Sun was the center of our solar system. They have stories about the big bang and other astronomical events. They had awareness about an invisible companion star orbiting Sirius that was unidentified until 1970. It baffles scientists to this day that an ancient race had knowledge of solar systems that cannot be seen without the help of high-powered telescopes.

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