Fante or Ewe Female Statue 34″- Ghana – African Art

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This statue has artistic aspects of the Fante or Ewe peoples of Ghana. The statue features a light colored figure (typical of Fante and Ewe) with colorful beaded jewelry around her wrists and waist. The figure measures 34 inches tall and weighs 8 pounds. A portion of her heel has chipped away and there is some cracking, scuffing and general wear and tear throughout – please inspect photos.

Type of Object

Figure, statue

Country of Origin



Fante, Ewe


Wood, Pigment, Beads

Approximate Age









8 lbs

Overall Condition

Chipped left heel, cracking, scuffing and wear and tear.

Tribe Information

About the Fante People

The Fante, along with the Asante, are two of the largest ethnic groups to make up the Akan, a generic term used to refer to a group of peoples who are related linguistically and live in Ghana. Many of their cultural and political beliefs coincide with other Akan people.
Artistically, the Fante parallel that of the Asante. Each tribe creates a figure known as an "akua'ba", a doll that often is carved without arms or legs. The doll is carried and cared for by women for fertility purposes and later placed on shrines or altars. Other forms of art that are found among the Fante are colonial statues, shrine figures and, more well known, flags that are created by skilled individuals featuring mirrored images.

About the Ewe People

The Ewe people are the largest ethnic group in Togo and the third largest ethnic group in Ghana. The history of the Ewe people is unknown. It is believed they originated between Benin and Nigeria and migrated during the 17th century wars.
Ewe religion is called Voodoo, which means “spirit.” Mawu is considered the creator god, who created other deities.
Ewe are known for their high quality strip-woven textiles.


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