Hand Carved Aduma Mask With Feathered Coiffure 23″ – Gabon

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Hand carved wooden mask lined with vegetable fiber raffia and feathers. This uniquely designed mask features a checkered pattern pigmentation and beaded metal studs on its nose and brow. It would make an excellent statement piece in any home or office setting.

Type of Object

Face Mask

Country of Origin




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Overall Condition

Minor imperfections

Tribe Information

About the Aduma People

The Adouma (Aduma or Duma) are an ethnic group of Gabon, in western Africa. They primarily live on the south bank of the upper Ogooue River, in the vicinity of Lastoursville (originally an Adouma village), and are known as expert canoeists or the boatmen.
Their traditions hold that they arrived from the east or southeast, coming down the Sebe River to the Ogowe, and thence to the Doume rapids. They made canoes of Okoume, and sold slaves to the Okande, receiving European products such as guns and cloth in exchange. The Societe de Haut-Ogooue (SHO) established a post at Lastoursville and engaged the Adouma in trade for rubber, ivory and ebony.
During the 1970’s and 1980’s, many Adouma moved down the Ogowe, towards Port-Gentil.

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