Ituri Forest Mask 16″ with stand – DRC

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Type of Object

Face Mask and stand

Country of Origin

DR Congo


Ituri Forest


Wood, Pigment

Approximate Age


Height (Inches)

11.5" Mask, 16" w/ Stand

Width (Inches)


Depth (Inches)


Weight (Pounds)

1.5lb Mask, 4lbs w/ Stand

Overall Condition

Possible minor imperfections and wear & tear, including but not limited to scuffing, cracking and minimal chipping. Possible previous repairs. See photos or inquire for more details.

Tribe Information

About people of Ituri Foest

There are several small tribes that live within the vast Ituri Rain-forest of northeastern Congo. Some of those tribes include Ndaaka, Lese, beke, Amba, Baali, Mbo and more. Mask making plays a huge role in everyday life, representing ancestor spirits and used in elaborate initiation ceremonies. These masks become difficult to distinguish from one another so a general term 'Itur mask' is often used for masks from this region.


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