Pende Statue from DRC of Africa
Pende Statue from DRC of Africa

Pende Plaque with Base 33″ – DRC

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Type of Object


Country of Origin

DR Congo



Approximate Age


Height (Inches)

31" without base
33" with base

Width (Inches)

10" without base
13" with base

Depth (Inches)

6" without base
9.5" with base

Weight (Pounds)


Tribe Information

About the Pende People

Ancestor worship is significantly importance to the Pende people. Appeasing the ancestors (mvumbi), is accomplished through rituals and offerings, usually provided by the head of the family. If neglected, it is believed that the ancestors will cause sickness and hardship to the household. When asked for help, a diviner will regularly demand offerings be made to a wooden sculpture to placate the provoked ancestors.
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