Ritual Igbo Ofo Janus Staff on Base 26.5″ – Nigeria – African Tribal Art

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This figure was carved in the style of a ritual ofo staff from the Igbo people of Nigeria. Ofo staffs are typically carried by selected Igbo leaders and are a sacred symbol of worship. This particular piece measures 26.5 inches tall including the base and weighs 5 pounds. It is in good condition with minor imperfections – see photos.

Type of Object


Country of Origin





Wood, pigment and metal

Approximate Age









5 pounds

Overall Condition

Good with minor imperfections – see photos

Tribe Information

About the Igbo People

The Igbo have an oral history that tells of their origins having come from a ‘sky being’ whom they call Eri. Eri was sent by Chikwu (God) down to Earth. When Eri first landed, he sat on an ant-hill looking at a marshy landscape. He began to complain about the conditions, so Chikwu sent a blacksmith who used bellows and charcoal to dry the land. Eri and his people lived plentiful until his death, in which all food ceased. One of Eri’s sons, Nri, objected to the lack of food, in which Chikwu’s reply was for him to sacrifice his first son and daughter and bury them in separate graves. 12 days after Nri complied, yams grew from his son’s grave and coco yam from his daughter’s. Later, Nri decided to kill a male and female slave, burying them the same way he did his children. Again, after 12 days, oil palm grew from the male slave’s grave while a fruit tree grew from that of the female slave. Since the creation of this Igbo oral tradition, all kings trace their origin back to the founding ancestor Eri and each king is a ritual reproduction of him.

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Additional Information

About the Igbo Ofo Staff

An Ofo is a ritual object used in prayers and communication with gods and ancestors and plays a huge role in religious and political life of the Igbo people. It is carved from a branch of the sacred Ofo tree. There are many forms of Ofo, but all are a symbol of the staff of God and meant to portray justice, righteousness and truth. Important ceremonies cannot be completed without Ofo. Ofo are passed down for generations to the eldest son after the father has passed away.