Senufo Janus Kpelie Mask 15″ on Stand – Ivory Coast – African Art


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This mask was created in the style of the Senufo people of Ivory Coast. It was carved in the kpelie style with two faces (Janus). There is a small figurine on top with the front of the coiffure chipped off. The measures 13.5 inches tall, 15 inches including stand. There is some cracking, chipping and wear and tear throughout – please inspect photos carefully.

Type of Object

Face Mask

Country of Origin

Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire)




Wood, Pigment

Approximate Age



13.5" mask | 15" including stand






0.5 lb mask | 1 lb including stand

Overall Condition

Figure has chipped coiffure, cracking and wear and tear throughout

Tribe Information

About the Senufo People

“Scattered across the Ivory Coast, Mali and Burkina Faso, the million and a half Senufo tribespeople live principally off the fruits of agriculture and occasionally hunting. They inhabit villages governed by a council of elders, who in turn are led be a chief elected from their number. Tribal cohesion is reinforced through the rituals of the Poro society who initiate and educate the men from the age of seven onwards. Senufo theology is based on Koulotiolo, a powerful god, and Katieleo, a goddess mother, who through the rituals of the Poro society, regenerates the world.
The Senufo were among the first tribal artists to be admired by the Western world. Their artistic output has been prolific – statues and masks characterized by realistic features or highly geometric shapes which emphasize rhythm and the opposition between void and full spaces.”


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Additional Information

About the Kpelie Mask

“Senufo people use different kinds of mask depending upon the occasion. Face masks, known as Kpelie, are worn during Poro society ceremonies. They display a typical heart-shaped face surrounded by ‘wings’. “