Timeworn Dan Style Mask 13″ on Stand – Ivory Coast – African Art



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This mask was carved in the style of the Dan people of Ivory Coast. The mask features a human face carved in typical Dan fashion. It measures 9 inches tall, 13 inches tall including stand, and weighs 3 pounds. There is a repair to the back rim of the mask and some cracking, scuffing and general wear and tear throughout – please inspect photos.

Type of Object

Face Mask

Country of Origin

Ivory Coast, Liberia




Wood, Pigment

Approximate Age


Height (Inches)

9" mask | 13" on stand

Width (Inches)


Depth (Inches)

3" mask | 4.5" stand

Weight (Pounds)

0.5 lbs mask | 3 lbs including stand

Overall Condition

Some cracking, scuffing and general wear and tear throughout.


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Tribe Information

About the Dan People

The Dan are known for their superb woodwork. Masks are the single most paramount form of artwork created by the Dan, creating a bridge between the supernatural and physical worlds.
Read more about the Dan here.

Additional Information

Dan Masks

“Dan masks are characterized by a concave face, a pointed chin, a protruding mouth, an upturned nose, a high-domed forehead, and are often covered in a rich brown patina. Similar masks are found throughout the country, but regional stylistic variations occur. For example, northern face masks tend to have very fine features, a high-domed smooth forehead, eyes set in the middle of the face and a very smooth brown patina obtained by immersing the masks in a pool of mud. Southern masks, on the other hand, have protruding features and a rougher patina obtained by applying vegetal pigments.”