“This area includes the entire central part of Tanzania, from Lake Victoria in the north to Lake Rugwa in the south and can be divided into two regions – the shores of Lake Victoria and the inland area. The latter is called Nyamwezi after some of its inhabitants. The shores of Lake Victoria have a range of mountains, between 1000 and 2000 meters high, which are covered in bushes and Savannah. The main town is Mwanzya. Traditionally, the inhabitants of this area have bred cattle and fish. Archaeological excavations have unearthed early ceramics and ironwork wihich suggests that this area may have been the East African birthplace of such techniques. The region is inhabited by a number of tribes – teh Luo, the Kuria, the Kerewe, the Haya/Ziba and teh Karagwe. As with all of East Africa, very little ethnographic, religious or economic information is available and therefore discussions about these tribes will focus on their artistic endeavors.”