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  • Souvenirs you should buy when visiting Tanzania

      Carrying a little piece of your last adventure is the perfect memento to remember your favorite moments there. Here are some inimitable ideas and why we think you will love to gift them to your loves ones and also keep some to yourselves.   1.) Tinga Tinga paintings  ... Read More

  • Tribe of the Week: Chokwe People

    An all new Chokwe tribe page is up, be sure to learn more about them here. The Chokwe are a large group of people in Africa as their population is estimated to be around 1.3 million people. The live in parts of Angola, DRC and Zambia. Chokwe government is usually headed... Read More

We are beginning to create lots for sale at very low prices. As we are liquidating, we would love for you to visit and create your own lot also for a very low price. Schedule a time to visit our warehouse near Portland, OR USA contact@discoverafricanart.com or (503) 637-3968 .