Learn More About The Tribes

Below you will find an extensive list of African tribes, all of which created the masks, figures and textiles we sell. We value the handmade nature of our art and therefore aim to share as much information as we can about each piece and what tribe is associated with it. The purpose for this page is to allow our customers to get to know the African tribes and their amazing culture. The many hours of research we’ve put into our tribes has been gratifying for our team and we continue to learn more about them every day. All of us here at Discover African Art celebrate the African people and their creative expressions. Whether you are interested in a ceremonial headdress or a fertility statue, you are buying a piece of art that has rich meaning and a complex history of culture behind it. That kind of depth is hard to come by in today’s modern décor—our tribal art collection is comprised of truly special items that will bring your living space to life.

Click on a tribe below to discover more about the tribe and their values.