Our Disclaimer

Integrity is our core value at Discover African Art.

This principle drives every decision we make. We recognize that the African art market is filled with frauds, fakes, swindlers and peddlers of all kinds. We don’t do this kind of business and we want to filter out this misrepresentation of art valuation across the board.

There are indeed dealers and brokers that misrepresent the value of a piece or claim it is old or has provenance when there is no perfect way to make such a claim. The fact is, true age is difficult to establish as there are no perfect methods to date a piece to a specific time period, tribe or country. This is unfortunate but true. If a dealer passionately presents a piece as “x number of years old” – don’t automatically believe it. If they have the paperwork of provenance, it is wise to research and scrutinize them within the industry as a legitimate and reputable dealer.

All of our art is authentically one-of-a-kind African made art! This is true. But, that DOES NOT mean it was used for a sacred ritual or tribal activity but rather artistically inspired by previous sacred or utility pieces for tribal use. There is a difference. If you want to learn more on the subject there are numerous resources we can refer to you!

Our bottom line is that we are passionate about our art and African art in general. We love it! But we will NEVER misrepresent what we know about it or would understand it to be.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions about a piece and its market value.