4 Reasons Why You’ll Dig Our New Site

June 1, 2017 By


We’re thrilled to announce that our site has relaunched! We’ve been working hard to revamp our web presence in order to give our customers the best possible African art shopping experience on the web and we’re very happy with the results. We worked with a local web design agency called Stellaractive, in building a new mobile-friendly and highly functional, and not to mention gorgeous, site. There are 4 really cool features on our site that we’d love for you to explore. First off, check out our 3D tour of our showroom, it’s insanely cool! It feels like you’re there in the flesh with these beautiful pieces of art. Soon our showroom will be open to the public and ready for tours, but for now you get to enjoy this virtual tour.

Second, we compiled a thorough, yet easy to navigate, page of all the tribes that our pieces are associated with. When you click on each tribe, you get to read valuable information about their culture and way of life. Oftentimes, the rich culture of the tribe is reflected in their art and provides depth and meaning to each piece. We’re excited to have this information collected in one place for our customers to learn more about the pieces they love.

Also, be sure to visit our About page. We share the story of our CEO, Dave Dahl, and his journey of being an ex-felon and recovering addict and reaching huge success with his former business, Dave’s Killer Bread. There is also a little bit about each member of our team; Discover African Art is made up of family members, as well as folks—like Dave—who have suffered for their bad choices and have learned valuable lessons, deserving of another chance.

Dave has learned that “second chances” can be powerful. Providing a “hand up, and not a hand out” can help transform a person, a family, a business, and—by extension—the world we live in. This is a concept that Dave has experienced over and over again, personally…and way beyond.

Lastly, go peruse our shop! We have hundreds of tribal art pieces just waiting for a home to jazz up. Each product has several images you can look at from different angles. We also provide specs and details about each piece like the size and weight, as well as valuable information about the tribe and meaning of the piece. We want you to feel good about the tribal art you’re buying and want you to have fun with the history behind it.

Alright, go explore the site and enjoy! We know you’ll love it as much as we do. Thanks for your support!