Mounts / Stands

Discover African Art not only sells one-of-a-kind, African artwork, but we also build custom mounts and stands to go with our pieces. Our stands are very well-made, beautiful and let the art shine. Displaying your African piece with a custom-made mount or stand is also a great way to keep your piece safe and in good condition for years to come.

Our fabricators use a variety of materials including metal and wood with a stain of your choosing. We have two types of wood available, including Ash (straight grained with a coarse uniform texture) or Sapele (a wood indigenous to Africa with a beautiful interlocking grain).

Custom stands are available for many of the items in our inventory. Stands are available as an add-on in the shopping cart to products that are compatible.

The metal we use is a durable steel we can surface with an assortment of finishing options. Currently we have three basic configurations. Please see details below.

Face Mask Stand

Around the back-side of most masks there are holes that the tribal people would use to attach costumes. We use these holes to custom fit a stand for art lovers to display their pieces freely. Our craftsmen take height, weight and balance into consideration when perfecting each stand individually.

Side view of African face mask on stand
African facial mask with custom mount

Base Stand

A base stand would be used to keep certain figures standing upright. Most pieces require a hole drilled into the bottom in which a stem is inserted that is attached to a base. Each object is individually measured to assure a tight fit and maximum immobility for display

Custom base stand for African art
African headdress base stand

Universal Stand — Large or Small

Many objects cannot be easily displayed weather due to shape or size. Our craftsmen have designed a stand that durably exhibits an array of pieces without being obstructed by a bulky casing. The spring architecture assures each piece is securely fit.