Tribe of the Week: Pende People

November 23, 2017 By

A brand-new tribe page is up for the Pende people! Take a look here and learn about their matrilineal society. Their political system is largely controlled by lineage and marriage, therefore extended family members serve the needs of social control within each Pende community. Read more in the link!

For this week’s Tribe of the Week post, I thought I’d share a little bit about one of our gorgeous Pende Pumbu masks (pictured above). Pumbu masks are reserved for the chief of the Eastern Pende People. The mask itself is not necessarily regarded as a power object, but when used in dance it is a powerful force in the community and represents the dominance of the chief. The mask appears in performances in times of crisis for the tribe, when the chief must reassert his authority. The white of the eyes are meant to represent anger.

Check out our Pinterest board, The Pende Tribe, and be sure to read more on our new tribe page.

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