Male Buyu Statue 12″ on Custom Base – DR Congo – African Art

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This male Buyu style statue (also known as Boyo or Basikasingo) was beautifully carved with geometric patterns on his chest and abdomen. The statue measures 12 inches tall including base and weighs 1 pound. There are a couple of large cracks on the face and body but the piece is sturdy. Part of right foot is broken off and there is wear and tear throughout. Please inspect photos carefully.

Type of Object

Figure, statue

Country of Origin

DR Congo




Wood, Pigment

Approximate Age









1 lb

Overall Condition

Broken right foot. Large cracks and wear and tear.

Tribe Information

About the Buyu People

The Buyu people, (also known as Basikasingo, Babuyu and Eastern Pende), live between the Lualaba River and the northwestern end of Lake Tanganyika in DRC. There are 6 clans known to form the Buyu ethnic group, three of which are known for their male and female ancestor figures. These figures are meant to venerate chiefs of the Buyu who led migrations, founded villages and provided exceptional leadership. The statues used to worship these ancestors are so stylistically close to neighboring tribes, that they are often mislabeled.


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